Books by Becka - Books to nourish mind, soul, and spirit
I don't remember a time when I couldn't read; books have always been the lenses through which I view the world.  The Book, the Word of God, the Light of the  World, brings into being my very faculty of sight.  Some books are corrective lenses, clearing up distortions and bringing into focus all things needful for me to see.  Others are binoculars, enabling me to extend my field of vision and identify far off things of which I would otherwise have only blurry glimpses.  Certain books are microscopes, showing me minute particulars which despite their smallness are of vital importance.  Still others are telescopes, directing my gaze past this finite world to wonders of the great Beyond.  Some books are windows, letting light and air into the rooms in which I am too apt to shut myself up.  And some are mirrors, holding up before me the honest reflection of my true self which I would not otherwise see.

I believe that story is a powerful vehicle for grace and truth, and that the printed word is particularly suited to transcend time and place and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insight across vast expanses of miles and years.